AKBERALI & SONS offers the most reliable, innovative and cost effective lifting solutions Knuckle Boom Telescopic Crane technology which can be mounted on under types of Carriers:-

4×2 Truck Chassis Rail Track Carriages
4×4 Truck Chassis Welding Work Stations
6×4 Truck Chassis Marine Time Field
8×4 Truck Chassis Tractor Mounted
Trailer Mounted On Concrete Platforms
Prime-movers Wind Turbines
  Boat Ships and Other Sea Vessels

AKBER ALI & SONS is associated with PALFINGER as their dealer for Pakistan territory since last 1992 and selling all their equipment’s such as: Knuckle Boom Crane, Hook Loaders, Ski-Loaders, Truck Mounted Forklift, Access Platforms, Tail Lift and Knuckle Boom Marine Crane. AKBER ALI & SONS has set quality benchmarks with their professional expertise and certified /experience staff in all industrial sectors of Pakistan.

PALFINGER is ranked as No.1 in manufacturing and exporting of Knuckle Boom Telescopic Cranes, Loader Cranes, Marine Cranes, and Cranes for Wind Turbines and also for Container Handling System. PALFINGER is the leading manufacturer of specialized cranes such as Timber Handling Cranes, Recycling & Material Handling Cranes, Specialized Cranes for Power Generation Industries, Specialized Cranes for Agricultural & Farming Sectors, Sugar Mills, Cement Industries, Railways Sector, Container Yards etc.

PALFINGER is the only company who is offering 16 DIFFERENT STANDARD ATTACHMENTS and 64 SPECIAL ATTACHMENTS to make the Knuckle Boom Telescopic Crane versatile machine which can be use in variety of applications.

AKBERALI & SONS is the only company in Pakistan who has sold more than 100 Knuckle Boom Telescopic Cranes to different customers of different sectors.