Manufacturer of Professional Floor Cleaning Machinery

RCM is the leading manufacturer of Professional Floor Cleaning, Scrubbing and Sweeping Machines which are used in Municipal, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sectors. RCM has more than 50 different models of Walk-Behind and Ride-On Machines. RCM was established in 1967 in MODENA – ITALY.

AKBERALI & SONS is the dealer of RCM for Pakistan territory since last 3 years & selling RCM cleaning machine to their different customers such as: Automobile Sectors, Beverages Manufacturing Industrial Sector, Textile Sector, Pharmaceuticals manufacturing and selling companies, Hospitals, Restaurants, Airport Authorities, Municipal Authorities, Janitorial Services Providers, Shopping Centers, malls & Emporiums, Educational Institute like School, Collage & universities etc.

AKBERALI & SONS is providing 5S services to the customer of RCM all-over Pakistan,We have a consultancy department which provides complete recommendation and suggestion about the equipment which exactly suits the need and requirement of different customers according to their respective requirement and different sites.