pb Tawi stands for “Tage Wiberg Limited Company” which was registered in 1923. In 1989 TAWI moved it operation in Kungsbacka in Sweden. Today TAWI is a market leader in offering complete lifting solution catering all aspects and types of Industries and operations. They have subsidiaries in US, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. They have wide distribution network in more than 50 countries including Pakistan. In Pakistan Akber Ali & Sons are representing TAWI product range including Vacuum Lifters includes VacuEasy Lift – Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter and VacuCobra – High Speed Vacuum Lifter. Crane System includes Steel GIP Crane and Aluminum GIP Crane, Prothema electric Lifting Trolleys and Stainless Steel Trolleys, and Viper hoist fast and flexible wire hoist .Vacuum Gripper Taw grip pneumatic vacuum yoke and more.