pb Tractel group was born in 1941 with the business of manufacturing Hoist and with the passage of time and innovation in 1990’s Tractel successfully entered the market of PPE height Safety equipment and became world leader. It has distribution network of over 8,000 distribution world-wide. Today Tractel is penetrated in 4 major categories including; lifting and Handling Equipment, Load Measurement and Control, Suspended Access and Height Safety. Akber Ali and Sons, Pakistan are dealing with many products like, Hand Operated lifting and pulling equipment, Motorized Lifting & Pulling Equipment, Tensiometer (tension meter), Mechanical Load Limiter and Electronics Load Limiter, Anchor Tester, Temporary Suspended Access, Permanent Suspended Access, Safety Harnesses, Safety Ladders, Fall Arrestors, Permanent Lifeline and anchor points, Automatic Friction Descender, Rope Shifting Devices and Double safety descender Devices and much more.